Sabrina is a bicoastal Production Designer, working between Los Angeles and New York City after completing Pratt Institute's undergrad film program. She started her academic career as a fine artist, studying painting, drawing, and sculpting then switched over to study film in hopes of applying these skills to a more three-dimensional and time based medium. Having worked on a plethora of short films, commercials under the renowned creative agency MHS Artists, and music videos, Sabrina hopes to take on the weight of larger productions existing in the TV and Film communities of LA and NYC. 

Sabrina currently hones her visual and graphic skills in creating pitch decks for several production companies including Rebel Maverick Productions and Chronology Entertainment, giving her extensive insight on the development side of a larger project in its early stages. With her design experience, she's able to visualize what a project is meant to feel or look like from the first glance at a script, having done coverage for Valparaiso Pictures at the start of her film career. Having been attuned to clientele work that's heavily focused on visuals and tone are indicative of her ability to simultaneously work independently and collaboratively to make sure everyone's vision is fulfilled, including her own.

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